Avenue 795 dedication on 10/09/20.

Avenue 795 Dedication Ceremony on 10/09/20

Avenue 795 board members in front of the new sign.The Avenue 795 dedication ceremony was held on 10/09/20 at 11:00 AM.  Some of the attendants were members of the Avenue 795 board, contractors and County Executive Allen Buechel.  After the Pledge of Allegiance and a thoughtful benediction from Knights of Columbus Grand Knight Jim Sutton, Thomas Schmitz gave a very powerful speech in appreciation to all those involved.

After Tom’s speech, Al Buechel gave a thoughtful speech on the importance of what Avenue 795 (previously the KC Hall) and the Knights of Columbus has done for the Fond du Lac community.

Allen Buechel dedication speech at Avenue 795 on 10/09/20.The ceremony was a milestone looking forward while reflecting on the memories and accomplishments of the past.  Avenue 795 is not just a new name, it is a dedication to continuing service to the Fond du Lac community.


Thank you to everyone who made Avenue 795 a reality!



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