Avenue 795 FAQs

Here is a list of Frequently asked questions of Avenue 795

1. Can anyone book the facility for an event?

Yes! Anyone can book an event at Avenue 795. Click here to contact us.

2. Is the facility shared during an event?

No. The hall and bar are open for your guests only.

3. Is food catering allowed from other vendors?

No. We have our own kitchen and staff. There are some exceptions. Contact management for details.

4. What is the seating capacity of the banquet room?

We can set our main hall for comfortably seating 300 guests with maximum comfort in mind with a Permissible Capacity – 435.

Add we also have a more intimate room available for wedding rehearsals, comfortably seating 48 with a permissible capacity of 82.

5. Can we have a wedding ceremony at the hall?

Yes. We have hosted wedding ceremonies indoors and have added an outdoor wedding venue with a sound system and will provide seating of up to 40 chairs or can set the banquet room to accommodate your ceremony.

6. Are linens available?

Yes. White linen tablecloths are provided for all events. Other colors are available. Linen napkins are available in your choice of colors for an additional fee.

7. Are decorations provided?

No. We do not provide any decorations.

8. What do table settings consist of?

Tables are set with china tableware, silverware and glassware.

9. Is there a full service bar?

Yes, we offer a full service bar with seating for 160 guests.

Avenue 795 Hall Specs

Main Bar

  • Table Seating - 6 tables - 29 stools
  • Permissible Capacity - 160

Dining Room

  • Maximum Seating - 304 8 foot banquet tables
  • 240 5 foot round tables
  • 14 head table stage
  • Permissible Capacity - 435
  • Room Dimensions - 66 feet x 58 feet
  • Stage Dimensions - 27 feet x 8 feet

Columbus Room

  • Maximum Seating - 48
  • Permissible Capacity - 82


  • 127 Spaces